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What is the Tiny Bookings accommodation booking platform?

We are a small business looking out for other small businesses

Large booking platforms like, Expedia and AirBnB dominate online bookings and demand large commissions. We help independent accommodation providers, like you, to attract more direct bookings and pay less commission. We build you a professional-looking website with an integrated online booking platform and help with your online marketing. We don't charge anything upfront, have no fixed fees and our commission is a fraction of that of the big guys. This means you are left with more...seems only fair since you are changing the beds!

Hotel booking platform

How does it work?


Let's meet

We have a chat to get to know each other, show you how it works and answer any questions.


We build or adjust your website

Together we look at designs and we give you tips for the text and photos. We then get stuck in making you a new website or updating your current one.


We set up your online booking system

Guests can book directly on your website. Synchronising with other online booking platforms means your calendar is always up to date.


We work on your online marketing

We keep your website updated, help with your online presence, make sure guests can find you on Google and encourage guests to leave reviews.


Let the bookings roll in

You can carry on as usual but with more direct online bookings. By cutting out the travel agencies, you cut out their high commissions.

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