Do you rely on online travel agencies to send you bookings and then have to fork out 10%-30% commission? If so, Tiny Bookings is here to help! We build and maintain your website with online booking platform and online marketing for free. We only charge a modest 5% commission on any bookings made via the website, so the plan is that we actually save you money!

The pricing really is this simple:

  • No setup costs
  • No ongoing costs
  • No hidden costs
  • 5% commission on direct online bookings

To see how much you could save with Tiny Bookings, see the savings calculator below.

Savings calculator

1) Adjust these details to suit your business

{{displayCurr("price")}} per night
{{days}} days per year

2) Check your savings

Without Tiny Bookings With Tiny Bookings
Your annual sales
? Calculated by the number of rooms * average price * days open * occupancy rate

Bookings should of course increase with your new site attracting new guests, but for the sake of a simple calculation let's just say it stays the same.
{{calcYearSales}} {{calcYearSales}}
Commission paid per room per night
? Calculated by average price * commission rate

Tiny Bookings charges a modest 5% commission. {{calcSavingBooking}}
{{calcOldCommissionCosts}} {{calcNewCommissionCosts}}
Agency and website fixed costs
? We don't charge any initial or ongoing fixed fees. We also don't charge for building, hosting or maintaining your website!

This could save you hundreds on web hosting alone.
{{displayCurr("otherCosts")}} {{currency}} -
Yearly savings of up to
? Calculated by total agency commission - total Tiny Bookings commission - fixed costs

We cannot promise every guest books directly via your website - but this number shows the total potential we can save you and getting as many guests as possible to book directly is our ultimate goal.
no savings {{calcSavingTotal}}
Your own custom website
Integrated booking platform
Online marketing and SEO

Please note that these calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Actual savings depend on a large range of business-specific factors.

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